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            Spitsim Flight Controls.


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       Have you ever dreamed of flying the iconic Spitfire. Of soaring over the white cliffs, or dog fighting over the channel?


       In the world of flight simulation these things are all possible, with many great software packages promising you the ultimate in warbird experience.


       However, no matter how good the software, flying a WW2 fighter with a plastic joystick and a keyboard takes much from the immersion that the    

       software aims for.



The main criteria during development  was that the controls were as realistic as possible - suitable for use as a conversion trainer.


An original column, spadegrip, pedals and quadrant were borrowed from a partially re-built MK IX Spitfire, and CAD drawings produced from these. The Spitsim flight Controls were developed from these originals.


Climb in, put your feet on the pedals, right hand on the spadegrip.


Now, trim the column, start the engine and taxi out.


Take off, raise the landing gear.


Deep breath in - and immerse yourself in the flying experience.



Declared as "The nearest thing to flying a real Spitfire I have ever experienced" by a former Squadron Leader of the BBMF, you can have years of Spitfire "flying" experience for less than it costs to fly a real Spitfire for an hour.

Enter - THE SPITSIM -  a modular set of full size flight controls

Welcome to Spitsim Flight Controls


Customised set of Spitsim Controls  with Frame 8 Desk fitted with

switch panels and incorporating original Spitfire switches and buttons.


25th October 2020


We are in the process of winding down in-house manufacturing and will be transfering this to a local  

business over the next few months.

If you require further information about our controls please contact us at [email protected]