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Edge Controls

The EDGE combat stick, with your choice of grip, is ready to plug and play. Throttle quadrant and rudder pedals can be added at any time and are supplied ready to plug in to the combat stick.


The stick support module which enables you to position the stick correctly in relationship to your seat is topped with an aluminum plate. Although designed to take the EDGE combat stick, it can be easily drilled to take your existing joystick.


The pedals can be purchased with a spine to attach to the stick support unit, or can be supplied as a stand alone unit.


The two lever throttle quadrant can be mounted on a side support which attaches to the central stick support module, or can be added to your existing system.


The button panel/mousepad is supplied blank so that you can populate it as required.

If you would prefer we can populate  it for you, complete with an independant control board and USB connection, ready to plug and play.


Alternatively we can supply a complete set of controls ready to take out of the box, plug in and fly.


All trim on the EDGE is leather (including the seats, which are available in either a high or low backed version) and can be supplied in a choice of colours. Black, brown and dark grey are always available, but we carry a variety of hides in different colours. Please let us know your preference when ordering.



The EDGE system gives you choice and versatility in a robust great looking system. More importantly it puts you in the right position so that your hands fall on the controls instinctively. No balancing acts, no awkward reaching.


Just immersion in the experience.


Just  flying.


To be an Ace - you need an EDGE!




Historically, we have specialised in flight simulator hardware that provides affordable simulation to aid training. However, following many enquiries, we have now developed a range of gaming/combat orientated hardware.


The EDGE is a  generic WW2 combat flight control system with some unique features.


Designed as the ultimate Big Boy’s Toy, the aluminium & stainless steel construction, with its distinctive meccano-esque adjustability, is enhanced by all leather trim.


An aesthetically pleasing, highly functional flight simulator, the EDGE allows you to use your favourite seat, including an office swivel type chair, to fly the controls.


The base is designed so that your seat anchors the controls and you can then set the relationship of the rudder pedals, stick and throttle to give you a comfortable flying position.


We also manufacture an aluminium and leather seat to go with the EDGE if you prefer.


We are currently offering the EDGE stick fitted with either a B8 grip or the iconic spadegrip.


The B8 grip gives you three programmable buttons, a trigger and an eight way hat switch. Perfect for flying many aircraft including the  F4 Phantom Jet,  F86 Sabre,  A6 Intruder etc.


The spadegrip has a gun button and cast aluminium brake lever fitted as standard ready to fly the Spitfire, Seafire, Hurricane, Typhoon and Tempest.


Currently under development we have a pistol type grip as used in US WW2 fighter aircraft such as the Mustang and Wildcat.


We would be happy to hear suggestions of other alternative grips to add to the range. ( please see our contact page)






P1000395-002 P1000464-005

Can't choose?


One of the features of the EDGE is that the grips are easily interchangeable by means of a simple plug, taking seconds to change so as not to interfere with important flying time.


Once you have your first EDGE stick, complete with it's hub (which includes the control board)  you can add alternative grips depending upon your "flying" requirements


Order your grip of preference and then add the alternative(s) as needed.


Perfect for combat simming whether as an individual or as part of an internet squadron.


The EDGE is designed as a modular system, allowing you to build a system from scratch, or integrate controls you already have.