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            Spitsim Flight Controls.


                                           Part of the Jon Fellows Partnership range of products.

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Price List

Individual  Modules


Starting with  a Column Module mounted on a support frame, the control system can be built up with additional modules.

Rudder Pedals, Control Quadrant with throttle, propeller pitch and fuel mixture levers, Pitch Trim Module and Landing Gear Moodule form the rest of the system.


There is also a Seat Module for use when the Spitsim is used in open format.


The Spitsim can also be supplied in a cockpit section and /or mounted onto a motion platform, for complete immersion in the experience of flying a Spitfire (see useful links)


Additional modules are being developed, along with control accessories such as a flap lever, landing gear indicator, rocker gun button and rudder trim.


   Complete plug-and-go systems can be supplied, with high performance computer and visual systems.


 All Spitsim Flight Controls are built to order and customised to suit the owners specific requirements.


 Let us know what you would like to achieve and we will build a Spitfire Simulator to meet your needs.


Please see Module Combination price list for further details and savings.


All prices are ex- works.     Carriage and packing charged at cost.